Creativity + experimentation = fun!

The best ideas are often the result of crazy playing around and trying something that shouldn't make sense. And if you're interested in crazy experiments, you're in the right place!

There I was, playing around with soy wax when I had a crazy idea: why not throw it in the mixer to see what happens?

It turns out, it makes an amazing new line of candles for Dukeshire Farms!

How cool is that? It looks like a tasty whipped dessert (I'm getting hungry just looking at it!). And when combined with gorgeous scents and toppers - an instant new favourite!

The summer is crazy busy on the farm, and I haven't had as much time to experiment as I'd've liked this year, so it felt to get into my studio and just play around and see where my imagination took me!

Check out the new line of whipped soy candles. Let me know if you like them and want to see more in other scents!

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