Every day is an adventure!

Every day is an adventure!

So, I had big plans to get a bunch of stuff done this week, but every day is an adventure at Dukeshire Farms!

How often has this happened to you: you look outside and there are buffalo staring back at you, standing next to your truck?

So much for working on my new creations! Instead, there I am, chasing these friendly giants back into a pen while Jim goes to repair the break in the fence that these escape artists found!

Then, I took a minute to pet them, because they are pretty cute!

Buffalo wrangled, I was ready to get back to work, but this little fellow needed some of my attention. And as soon as he started nibbling on my coat, I was  paying attention! 

Yes, we occasionally have goat kids in the house - don't you?

Notice his hind end? He's wearing a diaper on his butt (because of course!) AND one wrapped around his middle to catch any leaks!

Oh, and then there was the flood where the dogs get shampooed and cleaning up the water and the dogs.

Does anyone else have to deal with goats, dogs and buffalo when they're trying to get their work done, or is it just me??

Just another day at Dukeshire Farms! We're working on some really cool new stuff coming soon - make sure you're watching for it!

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