Love our scents - but not our sense of humour?

Love our scents - but not our sense of humour?

Frankly, we think we're hilarious. But maybe our sense of humour isn't your cup of tea.

We've got great news for you! We're beginning to roll out new variations on our products that are 100% family-friendly. They'll feature only our logo instead of a sassy saying. We're calling it the sass-free collection!

If you see a product you love (if only it wasn't so adults-only) and we haven't added our new G-rated version, just contact us to order it directly. We're happy to make a custom version just for you!

(And if you want something custom-made for a special event like a bridal shower, retirement or birthday, contact us and we'll design a custom label that will make you the hit of the party or event!)

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