Psst! Want a sneak peek?

Psst! Want a sneak peek?

Things have been insanely busy at the farm, as I work to fill all of the orders that are coming in for Christmas (some of my products are sold in stores in the Edmonton area and they're already gearing up for that holiday).

But I wanted to share some really cool stuff I've been working on! Watch for these to show up in the store soon!


I'm working on a new line of products - peekaboo lamps! When the light is off, it's a normal lamp, but when the light goes on: a sassy saying!

Naturally, I'm also experimenting with a lamp shaped like a wine bottle!

Lamp shade with lamp off
Lamp shade with lamp on

Glam soaps

I am super excited about these soaps. They are covered in biodegradable glitter, and the little decorations on top of (or embedded in) each one is also a usable piece of soap! I don't want to toot my own horn, but I think they are elegant and fun and altogether glam. I hope you agree!
Glittery mermaid glam soap Sweet glittery rose soap
The Queen of soaps

The glam soaps will be available for purchase on the site just as soon as they are ready. I hope you think they are as wonderful as I do!

With the onset of winter, watch for warm products on the site - including handmade gloves. So gorgeous! Coming soon!

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