My crafting inspiration: my grandmother

I developed my love of crafting when I was a child, when I saw my Grandmother Verdun Dukeshire crocheting (that's her in the picture, displayed lovingly in my woman cave!). I wanted to try and she patiently showed me (even though she was right-handed and I'm left-handed!). I enjoyed the time we spent together and the things we made! Over the years, I experimented with many other types of crafting until I discovered how much I enjoyed making soaps and beauty products that looked, worked and smelled AMAZING!

The entrance to Dukeshire FarmsMy husband suggested setting up Dukeshire Farms in 2015 as a reflection of my crafting and my favourite style: farmhouse glam! I love mixing old Hollywood looks with sassy leopard print (I even have leopard print rubber boots for doing chores!). It reflects my philosophy on life: live, love and LAUGH!

I'm definitely NOT the typical soap maker! I love grooving to 80s music or watching chick flicks while I make soap that smell delicious (no patchouli here!). In between batches, I like to do crazy things, like put a handcrafted bowtie on Monty the emu or make animal print clothes for our chickens!

Holly Dukeshire

I hope you enjoy using my soaps as much as I enjoyed making them for you!